Thursday, March 18, 2010

ONCE UP ON A TIME there was a Cartoonist!!...

hoooo!!.. this is my 100th post on this blog.
here i planed to write sum thing ... horrible!!(at least for u)
thanks everyone for your great support form the starting of this blog
got many comments,critics,inspirations in such a short period.
And am soo exited to write here about my new '2' comic strips!!(even '1' is very difficult!! then 2??hi hi)Last 4 month i was in a process of making those strips !!but i didn't draw any thing in that time period!!always thinking thinking thinking,red lots of comic strips ,books ,articles for making my strips better and i did lots of thumbnail sketches,stick figures,doodles bla bla bla ;sleep less nights!!. (only few friends know that!!)..
And about my strips;its 2!!(wrote already) one is a silent one,and another is non.The second one named as 'ONCE UP ON A TIME'(not a children's story!) Am gonna post a small description about the characters,concepts,situations and all about this strip later
heres sum of them r....thanks very much cartoonist surendran varachal for giving
sumtimes food for my strips.

once again Thank you very, very much all for your invaluable helps and attention on me and my blog.I am really happy to hear all your comments at any time(even the mid-night too!!hi hi)
Happy cartooning.....
Anuraj :)

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